Paintings  that  are  in working stages  and Event news.

Portrait of my Good friend  Benny Llamas .I was commisioned by his Familia to paint this portrait and I am very happy with ther outcome.

RIP my friend

Two projects still on the easle

1.) Abstract not abstract Still life 2.) Geronimo red


Currently on the easle is this mash up of two Geronimo pictures I put together. Here  you can see the sketch to  now working on the underpainting. Final painting will be be completed in about 1 week


This is The beggining of the painting Indiginous time traveler  -Hopi Mystic Man Under painting  sketch process.  Current progress as of 1/15/2016

The underpainting stages for "El guerrero Jaguar " / "Jaguar god " below . The Final stages of the monochrome process almost complete !!  A sneek peek    


I was invited to the Greeley Mexican independace day event where I sold a few paintings from my booth.  I will be back next year on Cinco De Mayo with a arsenal of work to show.




Just installed 3 paintings at the Artwork Network  at  878 Santa Fe Dr  Suite 2 , Denver Co .Installed to make it in time  for First friday artwalk at the Santa Fe Arts District.

Art work is currently taken down from this event