George Euresti

"My greatest inspirations and teachers  are my Thoughts and my Dreams "

I am a self taught artist that includes 20 years of professional experience. The reading material that I read inspires my art and the techniques used to become a successful artist. 



Artist Statement  

I have done my homework  when it comes to art and the stylo's that are of interest to me .  I wanted to be taken seriously as an artist so I began to learn as much as I could over the years and learned to draw countless hours .

 I have many art stylo's that I relate to  but I am strickly drawn to Pablo Picasso and other CUBIST. This is the style that is more refelective in my paintings. To give back to my art community I will share my knowledge of art and a few  technique's.

To have mastered  my craft I had to  come to relaize  this : I had to be obsessed over it !  It took me  years of practice  but I still consider myself a student of art.

I do not intend to say  my way of painting is  the best way or technique.  I learned the OLD MASTER  technique of the great master painter " "Titian -1477":  prononced  tish·in ".

However he painted in oil and I learned his technique strickly in acrylics and various mediums in between. I cant stress enough:

"Any one can paint but if you cannot draw , you are just a car with out a steering wheel"

Some words to to ponder .Practice makes perfect my friends  !

George Euresti


Group Exhibitions

2016 Tointon Art Gallery, Greeley, Co - “The Fortune Teller" ,1st place award

2016 Joe Molina Gallery, Greeley,Co – “Full body of work installation

2014 Joe Molina Gallery, Greeley,Co – “Blue Titan “

2014 Joe Molina Gallery, Greeley,Co – “Chief Wolf  Robe “

2011 Aims College Diversity Exhibition, Greeley, Co -“PORTRAIT OF A MAYA SCRIBE” Juror show 1st place award Certificate of Achievement

2008 Centennial Park Library, Greeley, Co - “FANTASTIC STORY“

2006 Tointon Gallery, Greeley, Co - “PORTRAIT OF SYLVIA”

2003 Tointon Gallery, Greeley, Co - “LA PIETA “

2003 The Vault, Fort Collins, Co -“UNO GATO